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a common vision

The choice of one’s partners is a major strategic decision, and Bioevolution has established partnerships with organisations, companies, associations and culture foundations to disseminate its vision.
By leveraging synergies with partners who pursue similar cultural and ethical goals, the Bioevolution Research and Development Committee is distributing products and services aimed at promoting wellness lifestyles with the help of the Telesforo System training school.

  • Educational institutions
  • Sporting societies
  • Culture partnerships
  • Technology partnerships
  • Eliseo medial office
  • Minimetal S.r.l.
  • Stefano Sacchi
  • Maeko S.r.l.
  • Affiliated medical and wellness centres
  • Agricultural partnerships

Ticicom SA

Selection, installation and technical assistance in information technology.

Telesforo System Project

A school for training excellence with theoretical and practical courses.

153 New Energy

Revolutionary insoles for instant energy balance.

Agonista del Futuro

A series of books and a training course for parents who care about their children’s athletic performance and competition

New Bio

Mental Coach in personal growth - motivation - training

Redox Life

Catalyst of exellence services and products that are used to monitor, prevent and resolve

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