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A lifestyle choice.

We study, design and decorate locations, buildings and the environment based on a biodevelopment concept. Our team includes architects, engineers, biologists, agriculturists and researchers in biological disciplines, striving for psychophysical wellness. We are headquartered in Switzerland’s wonderful city of Lugano.

Zero impact projects

A working group of professionals is collaborating to create locations, buildings and environments with biodevelopment in mind. Their work includes several aspects, one of which is satisfying our customers’ expectations of design, comfort and aesthetic satisfaction. Another substantial objective is sourcing the right materials with parameters that best meet our own goals. Today, like never before, the focus is on preserving oneself in one’s environment. Mother Nature is our greatest ally in this quest – our efforts are grounded in continual research and development across all aspects of our operations, through projects that maintain a natural balance and best utilise zero-impact materials with physiological aspects in mind. This way, we can create biologically advanced settings that bind humans to the environments in which they live.


The materials used in eco-friendly buildings are of natural origin and sourced from ecologically sustainable production chains. Being business mindful of the environment means looking for matches between renewably sourced materials and structural demands for maximum performance, stability and sustainability. In addition to using ecologically pure elements, the implementation of biomass systems and management of pure energy are also aimed at interacting with the environment and its various parameters with no harm whatsoever. The more eco-friendly the materials, the less energy is spent throughout the production chain (extraction/harvesting, processing, packaging, transportation and logistics, application and consumption, repeated use and recycling, and ultimately demolition and waste management). Guided by this principle, La Residenza Bioland, our headquarters in Tesserete (Switzerland) was designed by selecting materials and construction solutions for their low environmental impact.

A house shielded from natural and artificial radiation

Natural radiation from the Earth’s interior is a significant and poorly studied hazard. Natural soil radioactivity has always existed, and does not present problems in and of itself. However, long-term exposure to intrinsic radioactivity is a significant hazard. Like a drop of water falling repeatedly into the same spot can cut through rock, the Earth’s internal radiation hitting the same parts of the body for extended periods of time can have grave health consequences.

Bioevolution creates buildings with an innovative system that substantially decreases the impact of magnetic fields.

La Residenza Bioland

Pilot project

The Bioland residence was built with state of the art technologies, each flat decorated with meticulous attention to detail that guarantees the ultimate comfort for residents.

Click the icons to learn about our treatment systems that work to improve the quality of life in all the spaces within the building.

Air treatment

Make the environment healthier to improve the quality of life within your residence.

Water treatment

Control the spread of bacteria in the building’s water supply.

Electric smog removal

Limit the spread of electromagnetic fields in the household.

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Sistema trattamento aria

Il sistema di trattamento aria all’interno degli ambienti casalinghi, attraverso un processo di ionizzazione ad alta efficienza e sistema volumetrico antibatterico, permette la riduzione della proliferazione dei batteri e, di conseguenza, anche la diffusione delle allergie inalatorie più comuni dovute a muffe e acari della polvere. La sanificazione dello spazio domestico garantisce una migliore qualità di vita dentro la propria abitazione.

Sistema trattamento acque

Il sistema di trattamento contro l’inquinamento delle risorse d’acqua prevede la decalcificazione attraverso filtri appositi e l’utilizzo di acqua quantizzata senza l’impiego di depuratori a sali, garantendo il controllo della proliferazione batterica negli impianti idrici dell’edificio.

Acqua da Aria

Sistema che permette di essere addirittura autosufficiente nell’ approvvigionamento di acqua potabile, acqua calda e fredda per i sanitari e che con quella stessa acqua possa provvedere anche al sistema di condizionamento dell’aria. Il tutto con un risparmio energetico di circa il 25% .

Sistema trattamento elettrosmog

L’elettricità viene trasmessa sulle lunghe distanze per mezzo di elettrodotti, e arriva alle nostre case grazie a dei trasformatori che adattano le alte tensioni a valori idonei per la distribuzione. L’ inquinamento elettromagnetico casalingo può essere abbattuto grazie a un nuovo sistema di trattamento elettrosmog: una particolare tecnologia che consente la notevole riduzione della propagazione dei campi elettromagnetici all’interno dell’ambiente casalingo, comunemente generati da apparecchi come il nostro computer, smartphone, oppure da reti wi-fi, impianti elettrici e cordless. Grazie a questa prevenzione è possibile contrastare pericolosi danni per la salute.

Air treatment system

The house’s air treatment system leverages a highly efficient ionisation process and a volumetric antibacterial system that helps decrease the spread of bacteria, and as a result curbs the most widespread inhalation-caused allergies due to mould and dust mites. Sanitary treatment of residential spaces guarantees a superior quality of life inside your home.

Water treatment system

The water treatment system removes lime scale with special filters and introduces quantised water without salt treatment – guaranteeing that bacterial colonies throughout the building’s water system will be kept in check.

Water from air

A system that can literally be a sustainable source of drinking water, and hot and cold water for the domestic water supply. The same water can also be used in the air conditioning system. All this allows energy savings of about 25%.

Electric smog removal system

Power is delivered across vast distances along overhead lines and enters our houses via transformers that step down the high distribution voltage to a value useful in the household. Electromagnetic pollution in the home can be remedied with a new electric smog treatment system – a special technology that substantially reduces the spread of electromagnetic fields in the home environment, generated by devices such as computers, smartphones or Wi-Fi networks, and electric or wireless systems. This prophylactic solution can counteract the effects that pose a risk to health.

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