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Telesforo System Project

The Bioevolution philosophy also incorporates training courses.
All of the courses within the framework of the Telesforo System are organised by our colleagues and doctors, phytotherapists and innovative technology exports. The training offerings include certified technical and practical as well as experimental courses pursuing the in-depth study of matters related to therapeutic well-being and wellness innovations.


We are convinced that every solution that aims to provide well-being and to support our customers’ lifestyles must be easy to use, explained with perfect clarity, and scientifically based on a simple application.

Therefore, we would like the Telesforo System school to offer courses that meet three key goals:

  • Clarity: all teachers are professionals used to working with the audience, they explain things to ensure perfect understanding. We aim to train our learners to acquire new skills with a clear mind;
  • Science: all our methods are accompanied by lecture notes with bibliographical and scientific data; the aim is to enable the professional, competent dissemination of our methods. This helps learners to apply new knowledge in their daily lives;
  • Practice: all courses are of a technical, practical and learning nature. This means that the courses you purchase will introduce you to the tools you can use for identifying certain parameters such as energy balance, power and stability, allowing you to better understand and master the patented methods.

Our courses

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Custom training offer

In addition to individual courses, you may combine several of them for a personalised training offer. Prices do not include catering and lodging. Organisations that support the training courses offer discounts to learners on the basis of agreements with Telesforo System.

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