Perfect harmony of
humanity, nature, health
and technology.

Innovation Lifestyle

We are committed to a professional journey that corresponds to our values: good health, inner peace, harmony with other people and our environment, development and implementation of innovative, eco-friendly solutions today for a brighter tomorrow, continual evolution and improvement.


Technologies for a better standard of living are inseparable from cleanliness and low environmental impact.


A lifestyle,
a way of being,
principles for a mindful life.

People and
the environment

A philosophy for life
that values harmony and balance
in picking products and services

Committed to well-being

Bioevolution offers products and services in a variety of spheres: from setting up a bioevolutionary environment to personal products for wellness, including biodiscipline courses focusing on psychophysical health.


Locations, materials
and biotechnologies.

Bioevolution technologies and knowledge should serve the health and wellness of human beings and improve the environment around us. We take care of places where people live and work, creating and transforming a biologically developed environment, always committed to green innovation.


Our product range
revolves around the idea of wellness.

Our offerings for protecting the body, protecting the environment, and ensuring wellness. Our innovative lifestyle vision is described in our catalogue of innovative products for restoring energy balance and defending against pathogens for a life of good health and well-being.

Courses and training

Telesforo System Project

Telesforo System project
The Bioevolution philosophy also incorporates training courses.
All of the courses within the framework of the Telesforo System are organised by our colleagues and doctors, phytotherapists and innovative technology exports. The training offerings include certified technical and practical as well as experimental courses pursuing the in-depth study of matters related to therapeutic well-being and wellness innovations.

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